New Neon Clothes and Clubbing Accessories Fashion.

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Published: 25th March 2009
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An alien landing from Mars might well think they landed in the 1980's - such is the popularity of neon clothes and clubbing rave accessories with the youth of today. Maybe its a sign of bad financial times that people strive to break out of the gloom and enjoy something bright & colorful.

Nowhere is this more evident that in the clubbing scene, whether it be neon tutu's, brightly colored uvReactive make-up or one of a gazillion different flashing clubbing toys and accessories. Girls, and boys it seems - just want to have fun!

People who remember the last neon craze look on, bewildered at girls in bright neon pink tutus and dripping with neon beads, bracelets and various other accessories.

Across the land, children's parties have become 'neon parties' - with dad sent on a mission to the nearest hardware store to find a 'black' light.

These inexpensive fluorescent tubes emit a bright ultra violet light, that makes neon clothes come alive. Most neon coloured clothing is also luminous, or 'UV Reactive' fluorescing brightly under black light. Raves and nightclubs have been feverishly adding to their lighting systems to accommodate the latest UV Reactive neon craze.

Clubbers of today can avail themselves of a wide range of neon-coloured fashion accessories, including beads, clubbing shades, neon contact lenses, wristbands, earrings and bags.

As an indication of the potency of this new fashion frenzy, the traditionally more sombre colored cyber-punk, goth and rock scene crowds have been brightening up their attire with neon accessories on black, this looks amazing on the dancefloor!

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